Environmentally Friendly material

We use the Loxo® Panel System (as seen right) which is an exterior wall cladding system that provides a high-quality, solid external wall solution perfectly suited for residential homes. It is made from 50mm thick, steel reinforced panels manufactured from autoclaved aerated concrete. AAC has been used in Europe in the building industry for several decades and for the last few decades in Australia and New Zealand.

Environmentally friendly:  Loxo® has been awarded the Global Environmental label because it delivers a number of environmental benefits over bricks, including less waste and better insulation to reduce gas and electricity usage,

Living in a comfortable environment: The Loxo® Panel System is able to achieve very good R-Values as a result of the combination of Thermal Mass and Thermal Resistance. The R-Value relates to comfort levels within a dwelling. The greater the R-Value, the more comfortable the temperature will be.

Solid and as durable as  brick:  Loxo® panels are steel reinforced with corrosion protected steel adding to greater strength and durability.
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And there are many more benefits.