How to start research

If you constantly come back to fix something, you risk losing your mind and therefore your momentum. Make a sketch, which is basically the core of your essay, without all the usual fillers, indents and quotes. If you already know which books you will be using, this is fine..

In this article, we will review some important tips to help you write your 10 pages quickly without compromising overall quality. Do not get distracted by correcting typos or errors until you have finished printing the entire essay unless you are concerned about red underlining in Microsoft Word..

Paragraph structure

There is no guarantee that anyone doing this is an expert or there is no agenda he / she wants to promote. Instead, take a look at the reference section at the end of an article on your topic – quite often you can find many useful resources there. Below we will look at each of these stages independently, but now we need to pay attention to another problem that students often face – the need to write an article quickly. Writing a 10 page document is not an easy task, especially if you have a limited time. However, with the right approach, it can be treated successfully, even without wasting much time…

If not, use academic search and indexing services like Google Scholar or EBSCO to find resources related to your topic. Take notes, if necessary, or simply place bookmarks in the places you intend to use when writing, so that you do not waste time looking for necessary excerpts while working..

Immerse yourself in evaluating the information you find in your resources. If you find that you are unable to concentrate on your regular job, try traveling somewhere else. Some students write better in libraries or cafes – if you think the environment is more useful, give it a try. Also, you can find someone who can give you some ideas for writing.